Friday, 24 May 2013

Produk penjagaan wajah dari SNE Shamone

Rangkaian penjagaan wajah SNE di kenali sebagai Shamone. Terdapat 5 jenis set bergantung kepada jenis dan masalah kulit.. Di antaranya ialah Elastine, Crystalline Hydration (untuk kulit kering), Radiance Whitening (Untuk mencerahkan kulit), Purifyer Oil Balancing (untuk kulit berminyak), dan Essentia.

The Shamone Elastine Firming range is a skin care series which was newly researched and developed by the Kidman International R&D Centre in France. This range uses the GP4G cellular energy factor, combining natural Seabuckthorn extract as its main plant-based source of additives. It is produced utilizing modern biotechnology and traditional beauty theories, combining the elasticity repairing factors with various vitamins and natural ingredients. With effective breakthrough in absorption technology, the products penetrate deep into the dermis layer to effectively regulate the regeneration ability of skin cells while stimulating multiple bioactivities and metabolism of skin cells, moisturizing skin and allowing skin to regain its firmness to achieve a lustrous, lasting radiance. 

The Shamone Crystalline Hydration range is specially formulated to suit Asian skin. Active ingredients were derived from prized traditional Chinese medicine such as Seabuckthorn, ginseng, cistanche and propolis. Combined with the latest skin care technology, these products provide exceptional protection to promote healthy skin, for beauty that radiate from within.
The Shamone Radiance Whitening range contains 6 types of whitening vitamins, Seabuckthorn essence and various intense moisturizers. It is a combination of cleansing and moisture replenishing, providing protective nutrition and whitening repair benefits which deeply cares and nourishes your skin, thus giving your skin the ultimate fairness and glowing translucence.

 The Shamone Purifyer Oil Balancing range helps to balance sebum secretion and improves the condition of greasy skin. Enriched with Seabuckthorn extract which effectively disinfects, it also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates wound healing while repairing damaged skin cells. It treats acne, maintains skin freshness, prevents acne formation, alleviates acne symptoms and prevents scars from forming. Long-term use will leave skin refreshed and revitalised.

The Shamone Essentia range is processed using nano-technology to ensure that the nutrients are fully absorbed by the skin cells. It helps stimulate cell metabolism and restores skin elasticity and radiance. It is safe, stable and highly effective. Skin problems are solved and you will experience comprehensive and obvious effects with regular use.
Lagi detail produk boleh rujuk di sini.

Senarai harga rangkaian produk Shamone.
Harga bertanda SP adalah retail price, manakala harga bertanda DP adalah member price.

Untuk mendapatkan harga ahli buat belian mana-mana produk dengan PV 150 dan anda layak mendapat FREE Membership seterusnya enjoy belian berikutnya pada harga ahli.

Testimoni pengguna
Adira AF salah seorang pengguna produk Shamone.

 Semasa kunjungan ke ibu pejabat SNE untuk rawatan facial.

 Adira sebelum menerima rawatan wajahnya lebih pucat.
 Sebelum dan selepas. Wajah yang lebih berseri dan glowing.

Rawatan facial dan seaweed mask. 

Seaweed Face Mask
Ministry of Health Registration No.: NOT110904720K
Price: RM 289.00 (SP)

Apply an appropriate amount onto face and neck, leave for 15 – 20 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water. Use 1 – 2 times every week.

Main Ingredients:
Seabuckthorn Extract, Natural Dead Sea Mud, Seaweed Extract, Methylglycine, Tea Tree Extract, Vitamin E

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